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25 June 2014 @ 01:32
All that was six months ago. Six months of hiding and scavenging, struggling to survive. If someone had told Grace a year ago that there was going to be an alien invasion, she would have laughed in their face. But it happened, and her normal life - her silly High School one where she dreamt of going to college and making her father proud - was over. College applications were the last thing on her mind now. The only thing she could think about was trying to get through the day.

Boom; the explosion of a nearby car sent Grace tumbling to the ground. She could almost feel the fire raging inside her, the rumble of the explosion rattling through her body. And it hurt. Two men emerged beside her and took an arm each. Tom, her father, and her brother, Hal, quickly helped her to her feet.

"Come on," Tom urged, leading them to an empty store. It was dark inside. Rolls of tatty fabrics hung from the walls. It smelt like ash and burning rubber. The three of them took cover under the counter, concealed in the shadows. Grace felt her heart pounding as a mech came stomping past. She saw other fighters, desperately scrambling along the road, crawling to escape, only to get zapped by mechs. She covered her hand with her mouth.

Needless to say, the scout for food had not gone well. They had just loaded up a cart when the aliens made an attack. The cart was now lying in the road somewhere, its contents sprawled out across the damp concrete. That food would have lasted them days. Now they would have to return to base empty-handed, leaving everyone with empty hope as well as empty bellies.

Outside the store, Grace saw someone crawling through the debris. She felt Hal beside her attempt to move but she only just realised how tightly she was holding onto his arm. Their father told them to stay put.

"That's Jared's cousin," Hal whispered.

"You'll get killed if you go out there," she told him in hushed tones.

Within seconds, the man outside had been zapped with a blue light and left for dead. It made Grace jump. Then they saw the Skitters, those hideous, four-legged creatures, hissing and making their ugly clicking noises as they went by.